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Preventative dental care is crucial to oral health and maintaining your teeth is easy when you choose Stadler Dental Care in Columbus, NE. Offering a wide range of services, our dental office provides everything you need to keep your smile bright and your mouth healthy. 

Teeth Cleaning

Keeping your teeth clean is more than just regular brushing and flossing; plaque builds up in places that you can’t easily reach with these methods. For this reason, getting a professional teeth cleaning from your dentist every six months is essential. During a teeth cleaning, your dentist—or dental hygienist—will remove tartar and plaque from all areas of your teeth, helping to prevent periodontal disease from developing.
Ignoring your bi-annual teeth cleanings will result in the need of scaling and deep cleaning and may lead to regular periodontal treatments, which are much more intense than traditional cleaning.

Periodontal disease treatment 

Also known as gum disease, periodontal disease treatment varies from person to person. It all comes down to proper oral hygiene to prevent a variety of periodontal diseases.

Keeping up with your oral hygiene is considered: proper brushing, flossing, using antibacterial toothpaste and mouthwash in addition to your cleanings every 6 months. 
If you fear you are at risk for periodontal disease and you need dental treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Stadler's team today. We always utilize non-surgical methods to get your oral health back in order.


Fluoride is a mineral that is found in toothpastes, water, and some foods, and its job is to strengthen your teeth and prevent decay. However, many people need additional fluoride in order to properly care for their teeth, especially if they have bad oral hygiene or are considered high risk. Fluoride treatments are the perfect solution. Performed in our dental office, a topical fluoride treatment is stronger than toothpaste and other fluoride carriers and not only prevents decay but can also reverse early tooth deterioration. 

Teeth Cleaning

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